Transaction banking

Backed by a global network in more than 50 countries, we offer a wide range of payment & cash management as well as trade services for corporate clients.

Payment & Cash Management Services in Switzerland

Execution of all types of transactions

  • Cash accounts including overdraft facilities in all main currencies and a wide range of exotic currencies
  • Domestic (bank to bank, ESR) outgoing and incoming transfers
  • SEPA transfers (individual or bulk orders)
  • Cross-border transactions outgoing and incoming in all major convertible currencies
  • Domestic and SEPA Direct Debits

Access to various channels

  • Sogecash Web: Internet-based solution
  • SWIFTNet
  • H2H solution: SFTP protocol  

Overlay and Liquidity Management

  • Sogecash International Pooling: Domestic and International Cash Pooling (Target and zero balancing set up) in several currencies
  • Sogecash Intraday Sweeping: Intraday pooling to concentrate cash from accounts held outside Societe Generale Group
  • Sogecash Interest Offset: Notional Cash Pooling to optimize the cash positions and interests remuneration in various currencies

All types of domestic guarantees

  • Rental Guarantees
  • Performance Bonds
  • Customs Guarantees

Trade Services

We have a global focus to assist you in the growth of your business to provide you with a wide range of services and tools to ensure that your import and export commercial transactions are processed under the best conditions to optimise your international operations.

Provision of various services

  • Documentary Credit
  • Import/Export Letters of Credit
  • Confirmation
  • Back to Back transactions
  • Transferable Letters of Credit
  • Discount without recourse
  • Stand-By Letters of Credit
  • Documentary Collections
  • International Guarantees
  • ECA backed transactions
  • Partnerships with EBRD, ADB and IFC
  • Secondary Market and Risk Distribution