Noemi Pfister

Noemi Pfister

Born in Locarno, 1991.
Lives and works in Basel.

Noemi Pfister believes that the aspirations of the human being for constant progress and economic growth goes hand in hand with the rising of social inequality and the mutations of biological systems. These concerns are what trigger her work. Whilst working, she asks herself, will the boundaries between species still be the same in 2084? What kind of signs or objects are going to survive from our times? What will working conditions be like? What type of communities will exist?

She thinks about alternative ways of living and imagines new inhabitants, in a society that never existed before. She represents characters who would be considered different or weak in our time, but who in this world are the protagonists and part of small communities.

Recent residencies include the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, and the Summer Residency at the Halle Nord, Geneva.

Up-coming exhibitions include Kunstkredit 2021 at Kunsthalle Basel, a solo show at the Garage, Basel, and I want you so bad at the Espace culturel des Saules, Geneva.

Noemi Pfister obtained her Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the Academy of Art and Design (HGK) of Basel in 2019. She also completed the Work. Master at the Geneva School of Art (HEAD) in 2018 and while previously obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Art from the same institution.