Fabio Sonego

Fabio Sonego

Born in Winterthur, 1988
Lives and works in Basel

Fabio Sonego is a multidisciplinary artist who employs drawing, installation and performance in an often drole critique of contemporary society. Themes within his work include the wall which, through Trumpian rhetoric and the immigration crisis, has become a symbol of exclusion and right-wing ideology. In Born to Serve, 2019, the artist holds a ceremony for the death of a wall. Hundreds of colourful ladders spill from inside of the structure as a symbol of the futility of barriers. The treasure map is also a recurrent theme in his work symbolizing desire and the search for meaning. The artist explores this idea in punchy black and white ink drawings, playing on cartoon aesthetics and fantastical imagery often accompanied by performances.

Recent solo projects include the performance You don’t know the meaning of the word neighbour at the Mattenstrasse Cooperativ, Basel (2021) and Kiss the Mess, at the Dock, Basel (2020). While group shows in 2021 include von möglichen Welten... Regionale 22, Kunsthalle Basel, Inklusiv Arlesheim at Wydehöfli, Arlesheim and the art-run space Giulietta in Basel.

In 2021 Fabio Sonego was the co-recipient of the Cristina Spoerri Award.

Fabio earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Institut Art Gender Nature (IAGN-FHNW) Basel in 2019 and will obtain a Master of Fine Arts from the same institution this year.