Tina Omayemi Reden

Tina Omayemi Reden

Born in Zurich, 1991.
Lives and works in Zurich.

Tina Omayemi Reden is a multifaceted artist, activist, teacher, cultural and community worker. Her artistic practice employs sound installation, storytelling and performance in an exploration of the potential for communal exchange and transformation. She mixes, remixes and quotes bodies, sounds and voices into polyphonic assemblages and fictive or actual collaborations. The artist seeks to question Western cultural codes and accepted wisdom by paying homage to the ones who have shaped and inspired queer and Black feminist thought and practices.

The artist is an active member of the network Bla*Sh (Black*She) and the collective FUBU (For Us By Us) in Zurich. As an artist, organizer, activist and teacher, as a sister and aunty, a mother and friend, she continually questions: How do I listen? Who am I listening to? Which voices, narratives, images, and perspectives are amplified how and where, which are mastered, which are sampled by whom, and which fade away and why?

Tina Oyamemi Reden has taught, mentored and offered workshops at several art schools in Switzerland and the Netherlands (ZHdK-Master Transdisciplinarity and Bachelor Fine Arts, ArtEz Arnhem-Bachelor Fine Arts, HSLU-Bachelor Art and Mediation and others). She has worked with spaces such as Shedhalle, Gessnerallee, Luma Westbau or OOR Saloon in Zurich, Centre d'art Neuchâtel, Kunsthaus Langenthal, Stroom in The Hague, Kunstverein Amsterdam and as well as international radio stations.

Tina Omayemi Reden obtained a Master’s degree in Fine Art from the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam in 2019 and a Bachelor of Arts with distinction from the Zurich University of Art (ZHdK) in 2017.